SPOKEN – Inspiring, Interactive, Intense…

Possibly THE BEST Metal-Injected CHRISTIAN ROCK BAND You’ve Never Even Heard About! Christian rock no longer hides under a bushel, now that SPOKEN have embarked on their first major North American tour.  Coming from the same central Iowa region as the sonically relentless Slipknot – Spoken caters to a much more sensitive lyric & melodic approach…but packs just as much… (Continue Reading)

DANKO JONES – Rock & Roll’s LOUDEST Voice!

He is the first individual I have ever seen to usher welcomed “boos” from the crowd, & teeter on the brink of love versus hate – when it comes to his egotistical stage rapport.  But like a car crash or horror flick that you just can’t seem to veer away from, DANKO JONES expels loud & raucous “machoism” that fuels… (Continue Reading)


What Fuels the Fire for Sweden’s Largest Heavy Metal Export?!? There is no strategic complexity to the inner cache of IN FLAMES – although the five-piece Swedish band are responsible for blueprinting an entire genre of dark, melodic, twisted death metal…& powerhousing a non-stop impact for the Gothenburg heavy metal scene.  Since 1990, they’ve been captivating the world with fierce… (Continue Reading)


Steve Priest & Band Revitalize 70’s Glam Rock with SMASHING SUCCESS!!!! It’s regaling to walk into an auditorium during soundcheck, & hear the sound of “The Six Teens” reverberating from the speakers – with all the crispness, clarity, & revolutionary “magic” that it held back in 1974.  THE SWEET, or just plain “Sweet” (as many people would come to know… (Continue Reading)

CHRISTIAN MARTUCCI Discusses the “DIY” Path in Rock Stardom…

New EP “MAN WITHOUT A NAME” Breaks Sonic Barriers & Attitudes Within The Industry! CHRISTIAN MARTUCCI has left a thumbprint on a society of great music, but it’s definitely not one you’d find in the mainstream.  Bred into the “punk scene” from his earlier years, Christian devoted much of his time & energy to that revolution…playing with the likes of… (Continue Reading)

Upcoming Releases...

The southern, raw, raunchy release of New York outlaws KILLCODE - this self-titled album reaps all the duelling guitar ferocity of a barroom brawl, mixed with steadfast blue-collar lyrics about rising above the odds. RELEASE DATE: June 11th, 2013 (CME Records)

Bringing all the sleazy couture of glam rock into the 21st Century, Italy's CREAM PIE brings seven songs of growling guitar & howling, street-smart anthems to life on their new "Unsigned 2.0" album. RELEASE DATE: June 20th, 2013 (Independent)

QUEENSRYCHE (Scott Rockenfield, Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Parker Lundgren, & Todd La Torre) are set to launch a rejuvenated self-titled album that pairs the earlier stylings of the famed band with fresh vocal executions. RELEASE DATE: June 25th, 2013 (Century Media Records)

The second studio album from Fargo alternative-punk band THESE HEARTS - "Yours To Take" promises to hone in on the positive messages of faith & liberation, while steering around the unavoidable roadblocks of life. RELEASE DATE: July 9th, 2013 (Victory Records)
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