You only need to listen to their toxic metal assault once, to become a lifelong fan of the innovative synergy of ABSORBING THE PAIN.  Formed in 2007 in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden – ATP have powered every scourging riff through hard work, dedication, & an earth-shattering delivery that perpetuates all the GREATNESS of the heavy metal genre…with an uncompromising breadth of modern hardcore resistance.

Their roots being in bands like BAROPHOBIA (Tomas Haake & Marten Hagstrom – MESHUGGAH) & BOOZEMAN SIMPLEX, plus NAKED RAIN…the members have toured the club scene for years, & rocked massive stages in front of thousands at a time – with an exploding chemistry that resonates “sludgy” drop-tuned riffs, thwarting bass lines, & razor-sharp vocal screeches that pulverize & tantalize amongst a barrage of beating drums.

From their self-titled solo debut in 2010, to a highly credible follow-up “Songs Of Hate With Love” in 2011, the group reached national acclamation from SWEDEN ROCK MAGAZINE as the “#1 Best Album” of the year (Jane Cedenberger).  2012 saw another ear-gripping masterpiece, with their third release “Heads Up” – in which the Scandinavian hellraisers reach even deeper into darker, faster territory…while keeping their widely-celebrated recognizable edge.

Amidst PEO HEDIN’s experienced seven-string shredding onslaughts, ANDERS SANDSTROM’s distinct mutating bass rhythms, & MAGNUS GRUNDSTROM’s mammoth smashing percussion…JONAS MOSTRUM leads the pack with splintering vocal aggression & messages that veer from the b*tch-slapped comical to the downright introspective & socially influential.

On the verge of their FOURTH COMING musical excursion, called “Feed The Dead”, the band promises to unify the furthest outreaches of heavy metal experimentation with hooks & nuances that are even MORE SINISTER.  Staunchly powerful & melodically direct…ABSORBING THE PAIN is a four-man metal meltdown that knocks you off your feet, seeps into your subconscious, & tears right through your very soul.

Available on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud…& coming soon to all major online retailers!


Formed in 2008, KILLCODE is a five-piece band uniquely diverse in sound production from their mass of life-long influences.  Currently sitting at #29 on the ReverbNation Rock Charts for the NYC region, their “Anthems for Outlaws” have proven to be southern-infused rock/metal outcries with a modern vocal twist.  Killcode masters hooky, super-charged sing along pieces…with BIG GUITARS & even LARGER driving rhythms.

With all members coming from established projects, prior to the formation of the band, they quickly raised eyebrows & landed on bills with the likes of Godsmack & Sevendust.  KILLCODE also provided main support to Brett Scallions on the “Re-Fueled” East Coast Tour, & HEADLINED the Skateboard Marketing / ReverbNation / Horns Up Rocks “CMJ” SHOWCASE this past October…featuring a special guest opening appearance by world-renowned rock/metal vocalist, Geoff Tate.

Since inception, KILLCODE has released “To Die For” – a six-song EP, launched at the end of 2008…& a second six-song EP, called “Taking it All “ in 2010.  Both EPs charted well nationally, & gained the band CRITICAL ACCLAIM worldwide.  The song “Breaking Away” (from the ‘To Die For’ series) was featured in the inspirational documentary “DRESSED” – directed by David Swajeski & starring fashion designer, Nari Manivong.

In 2012, they entered the studio once again with Juno-nominated producer, Stacy O’Dell – whose longterm relationship with the band captured the essence of their brazen, East Coast insatiable grooves on their first full length, twelve-song effort…aptly self-titled “KILLCODE”.  The album charted in the #2 position for the week of 08/18/12 on the BILLBOARD Mid-Atlantic “Heatseekers Chart” & continues to captivate audiences at SOLD OUT marquee venues such as New York City’s Gramercy Theater, Bowery Ballroom, & Irving Plaza.

KILLCODE has only began to reach the “Top of Their Game” & are ready to take their rightful place alongside some of America’s BIGGEST rock acts! Recently signing to CME RECORDS – the group is about to receive their most maximum North American exposure yet…re-releasing their new album via MEGAFORCE & SONY (RED) on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013.



Since their second studio album, “Bullet With A Name”…THREE QUARTER STONE have taken their shameless “X-RATED ROCK” act from coast-to-coast & opened up for highly influential artists like ULI JON ROTH, QUEENSRYCHE (Todd La Torre version), FINGER ELEVEN, GILBY CLARKE, GREAT WHITE, CONEY HATCH, & MICHAEL SCHENKER.  Their crunchy hardrock havoc celebrates a refined garage style of ‘STP versus AC/DC’ with an abrupt undertone that brings the party into a full-revolution spin of pounding beats, uncompromising vocal prowess, & slick “classic rock” fever!

The town of Guelph (Ontario) may be a “quaint” little community, but the five members of THREE QUARTER STONE have brought another element to it…one of intrigue & admiration for a group that painstakingly set out to create music “their own way” – & packed venues & nightclubs with an energetic, resourceful sound crowned by weathered grooves…big, hooky guitar changes…& solid, reverberative lyrics.  Paying meticulous attention to production & mastering, while never over-engineering the RAW TANGIBILITY of their tracks, the band has expanded into beautiful acoustic territory…added an integration of obscure instruments, at times…& possibly brought some of THE BEST HARMONIES back to Canadian rock.

Whether they be loud or soft, lyrically “cheeky” or downright sincere…THREE QUARTER STONE manages to break the monotony commonly found in the music scene today, by giving listeners a glistening array of it all – & will continue tearing up the stage for a long & diversified career in music’s evolution.

“Three Quarter Stone” is:  DANNY WRAY (vocals), CHRIS DRONE (guitar), SCOTT CLARKE (bass), NATHAN LE BLANC (guitar), & EV LOCKE (drums).


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