“RUR” is an acronym that was established in 2010, when the hard rock & heavy metal promotion website ROCKUREVIEW.COM was born.  Growing her skills from a novice journalist & online editor, to a thriving music-marketing strategist, Bonita Patoine naturally branched into the realms of publicity…often achieving sustainable social outreach through her creative & inspiring content efforts.  Her flare for adopting artists (& their promotional needs) with a down-to-earth, enthusiastic approach – often brought an energy to her articles that many other professional magazines have difficulty tapping into.  “After reading one of Bonita’s columns or reviews, you not only get the sense of the artist or subject she’s writing about…but she leaves you feeling like you were at the show, listening to the CD, or even meeting the band.” says KILLCODE vocalist, Tom Morrissey (now a client of RUR), “In four words – Bonita Patoine gets it!”

“Boe is a great writer…& has helped me many times with promotion, banners, & social-media updates.” states Ken Ove Johansen, formerly of Norwegian band MOTH CIRCUS, “Highly recommended!”  Described as having a genuine personality that always strives to motivate, Bonita’s organic likeness has rubbed off on works for world-renowned icons & indie bands alike…bringing a palpable radiance to an industry that is often overcritical.  “It hasn’t been an easy journey,” she confesses, “people often wonder why a middle-aged woman would ever want to get involved with rock bands.  I fell into it, quite honestly…an obsession from a very early age.  I didn’t choose music…MUSIC CHOSE ME.  I feel privileged to help tell the story.”

In 2012, numerous bands & artists began suggesting that the diehard music lover take on her own publicity roster…many of which find honest representation hard to come by.  “I keep my services affordable for all kinds of artists, & I’m willing to help them out with the simplest of tasks.” Patoine claims, “Whether you’re big or small, everyone should have access to GOOD PUBLICITY.  However, the first thing you have to ask yourself is…R U worth talking about?”

Now covering a variety of genres that don’t only focus on the thresholds of rock & heavy metal, her mandate has remained unchanged — bringing the world’s GREATEST MUSIC to the forefront of public exposure.  “I’ve always wanted to focus on the people behind the songs, rather than the classification of them.  Who are these creative individuals, & what drives their sonic-delivering obsessions? Great music deserves to be talked about…no matter where it comes from.  As a successful journalist, it is my responsibility to introduce these artists through the media…that the public may have never considered before.  As long as there’s passion behind it, that’s really what I’m all about.”

Through live performance photography, exclusive interviews, review of recorded material, devising promotional campaigns, & co-ordinating press…Bonita Patoine has achieved international readership & public acclaim…all fuelled by a belief that artists should be recognized for how “THE POWER OF THEIR MUSIC” can affect, change, & heal the world.

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