All press-related material, for immediate publishing, can be sent to – please put the word “PRESS” in front of the title, so I know it demands timely action.  Ensure that the information is professionally & correctly written, with all pertinent links & photographs included.  If your release contains little viable information, a large amount of spelling errors, broken links, or improperly coded text…it will be DISCARDED.  I also reserve the right to decline submissions from groups that may be abusing the system, by clogging up my email (or comment sections) with repetitive spam.  If you receive a drop one week on in our press, you WILL NOT receive placement the following week for the same type of submission.  This keeps it fair for every artist to have their news published.  “OVER LINKING” or use of excessive capitalization & bold-facing will also be removed.  Make sure to get all your details submitted on time…especially if heading out on tour.  It takes effort to put posts together correctly, & market them across social-media networks.  If I only receive your information “the day of” your intended campaign, chances are…it will get put up late, or not at all.  I do have contract journalism & content development rates available, if you are struggling with your project & don’t know where to start.



Send ARTIST WEB LINKS (websiteMySpaceReverbnationFacebookYouTube) to, where I can evaluate your music & your current publicity needs.  Include a brief history (describing your talents) & the type of coverage you are looking for.  An artist may not require a full CD review, if it’s already been on the market for awhile…but may want to request a FEATURE INTERVIEW for trying to develop personal outreach.  If I’m interested in covering your project, I will request a full “HARDCOPY PRESS KIT” & instruct you WHERE to send it.  I ask for a physical CD because I need to tap into the “actual quality” the consumer will experience, when purchasing your music – pressing, sound, jacket, photos, lyrics, liner notes, credits…all of this conveys great detail about WHO you really are & WHAT direction you’re heading in.  If you are a small, independent group that does not have physically-pressed material…send me your digital release & EPK…after all, we are living in an “online” era.  Whether independent or major label, each written piece is derived to assist artists in gaining the MOST POSITIVE, PROFESSIONAL EXPOSURE – no matter what genre they come from.  In other words, if I feel I cannot bring out the best attributes of your music…I would rather not write anything about you at all.

Once I’ve received your package, we will set up a time frame in which to work together…& this is dependent upon my personal schedule, as I am a contract freelancer & do many other things within the music industry.  The QUALITY OF CONTENT is the primary focus – that it’s honest, perceptive, enthusiastic, & captures the distinct individuality that the artist expresses in their career.  Thus, the “beauty” of internet publication…timing is not always of the essence…if the subject matter is solid & reliable, there’s always an expansive audience willing to read it.  The diversity is MUCH LARGER than what you would capture from a local newspaper.  I’m here to “build relationships” with artists & fans, rather than just write about what’s here today & gone tomorrow.  The articles I conceive are timeless, descriptive, & energetic pieces that have been rendered to print publication before.  I retain the COPYRIGHT to all of my work, but encourage artists to include excerpts in press packages or provide links & trackbacks online.  Since 2009, I have successfully driven music through social-media portals & the greatest thing I’ve ever learned is…we can’t do it alone…collaborating with others is “the key” for keeping music alive.



Digital files should be delivered in MP3 FORMAT (128 kbps minimum) – sent with a copy of your album cover & at least two professional images of your band.  If you are submitting a FULL ALBUM or EP, it should be sealed in a .zip file along with the material mentioned above, plus contain the artist’s MEDIA ONE-SHEET.  Use of download link directories, with expiry dates on the music, should definitely be brought to my attention.  If the link has already expired, & you have been approved for coverage, I will contact you. *** ARTISTS BEING FULLY REVIEWED MUST SEND THE FULL ALBUM…NO EXCEPTIONS!!! *** Single songs can also be sent in for promotion, & could either be used as an exclusive free download for fans, or as a highlighted track in the “RUR #1 FEATURE ARTIST” spot – gaining extra exposure with a banner, write-up, & priority placement.


ALL OTHER INQUIRIES regarding advertising, joint ventures, running contests, consultation, publicity management, or contract publishing services can also be sent to – & these are not limited to music-related endeavors.  Many of my marketing skills & principles can be adapted to other types of business campaigns, so please feel free to reach out.

NOTE:  Due to the large volume of requests I receive globally, ARTISTS ARE NOT ALWAYS GUARANTEED ANY SORT OF COVERAGE – unless paying for contract services.  It is up to the group’s correspondent to know whether the submission (press or digital) meets the required standards.  I strive to create a “balanced atmosphere” where major & independent music can BOTH receive great, unbiased professional exposure. There is a lot of time (& costs) associated with running these music-media efforts.  If you have previously submitted material, & feel that I have promoted your endeavor to a satisfactory extent, I only ask that you consider making a small monetary donation.  I will continue to develop plans, ideas, & long-range goals to successfully drive music careers…no matter where they come from.  Let’s support each other, & help build music’s great legacy!




These guidelines may be terminated without notice, & are subject to revision at any time.

© RUR Publicity *** ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. (2017)


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